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May 24, 2024

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     Hall of Fame
     Winners from 2003
    Past Snitz Excellence Award Winners! (2003)
     Site/Author Month/Year Comments
    Snowmobile Fanatics
    Erick (sr_erick)
    December 2003 This month's winner has many advanced features integrated flawlessly with the entire site design. Visually alluring with lots of functionality including many personal mods one of which allows members to create their own personalized web page. This site also handles a decent volume of members with intriguing discussion topics and lots of interaction. Congratulations to Snowmobile Fanatics on a job well done!
    Bandlink Music Forums
    Mark Howlett (MarkJH)
    November 2003 This month's winner demonstrates how easily a Snitz forum can be integrated into a web site's existing design through the addition of the site's top banner and navigation menu. The forum has a strong user base with many popular discussions. Use of MODs, such as Polls and Private Messages, also serve to enhance the overall forum experience. Congratulations to Bandlink Music forums!
    CGART Forum
    toth (toth)
    October 2003 This month's winner demonstrates how several simple design changes can help break away from the standard out of the box Snitz install.  Points of interest include customized graphical control panel, grid-like background, several icon changes, beveled headers with graphical titles bring this forum to a refreshingly clean appearance.  Congratulations to this month's winner on a job well done.
    MeTV Forums
    MeTV (MeTV)
    September 2003 This month's winner introduces a bold and intensive color them with pleasing contrast.  Customization has been taken to a level that draws away from the standard "out of the box" Snitz install.  Some points of interest begin with the DHTML toolbar, tailored graphics & icons, visual structure changes within topics, and a portal that integrates nicely with the entire web site strikingly different from commonly seen portals in the Snitz Community.  Congratulations on a job well done!
    OneWayScripts Forums
    Michael Reisinger (OneWayMule)
    August 2003 This month's winner has successfully presented their forum tightly integrated with the existing site. The strikingly simplistic appearance and color scheme provides an extremely professional look and feel. The content appeals to all Snitz Forum developers as an additional resource for mods, support and other programming related projects. Congratulations to this month's Hall Of Fame winner for a job well done.
    David Rhodes (DavidRhodes)
    June 2003 This month's winner includes a personally customized portal with minimal clutter using a professional "business-like" design and layout. Site integration is accomplished perfectly using colors that are simple, crisp and overall aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Congratulations to UK-MKIVS Portal/Forum on a job well done.
    Video Game Rebirth
    gameboy900 (gameboy900)
    May 2003 This month's winner implements a unique customization to it's forum, showing how a few small tweaks to the header and icons along with a FLASH menu bar can produce an entirely new and exciting look. Video Game Rebirth Forums also integrates perfectly with the existing site and provides great content for gamers of all kinds. The color scheme uses subtle variations in background color and a text color that contrasts nicely with the background. Congratulations!
    Modus Operandi
    Dave McAlister (dpmcalister)
    April 2003 This month's winner successfully accomplishes an aesthetically-pleasing, monochrome scheme through the use of a clean table layout and custom icons. The side bar remains consistent throughout the site, allowing for easy navigation and site familiarity. The entire site, including the forum, provides it's members with entertaining and informative content. Congratulations!
    Forgotten Realms Portal Forum
    Jan Enroth (masterao)
    March 2003 This month's winner proves that you can be daring with your color scheme at the same time as providing an enjoyable experience. The forum is integrated very nicely in a personally customized portal, very different from the standard portals available at the Snitz Community. Congratulations to Forgotten Realms for a job well done.
    The Internet Clubhouse
    Anacrusis (Anacrusis)
    February 2003 This month's winner utilizes a soft color scheme which integrates nicely with the rest of the site. Customized graphics and several favorite mods fit seamlessly with the layout of the forum. The wide range of popular discussion categories are a welcome to a wide range of personality types. Congratulations!
    Necro_v4 (Necro_v4)
    January 2003 This month's winner has been modified to integrate the forum with the rest of the site. The forum (in spanish) has nice additions, like avatars and active users included. Together with unique icons in the topic.asp page a proud winner for this month. Congratulations!

    See Past Winners from 2002

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    Check out the Awards Program page for more information on what the rules are, how you can nominate sites and how these people actualy won!

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