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May 24, 2024

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    Awards Program
     What is the "Awards Program"?

    Here at Snitz Forums we have a secret panel of judges that choose a forum that stands out compared to the rest. One that has superior design and functionality. One that is creative and also meets the very simple requirements of copyright and the GPL.

    The monthly winner is given a specialized award graphic stating the month and year of award, and they are welcome to place this tastefull piece anywhere on their web site they wish!

    Winners are also listed in our "Hall of Fame" for being listed and a link to their web site!

     Who Has Won?
    You can find a list of current and past winners on the "Hall of Fame" page!
     Rules of the Game
  • All judges will be appointed by Reinsnitz and/or Gor.
  • The award will be awarded on the first (or very close to) of every Month.
  • Sites may be nominated by anyone including Judges.
  • All nominations should be in two weeks prior to the award date (middle of the month).
  • To be eligible for nomination, you must comply with all usage agreements of Snitz Communications, Snitz Forums 2000 and the GPL.
  • Two weeks prior to award date A each judge can post votes for each nominated site (including the one they nominate) once.
  • Each judge may endorse one nominee for eligability to be voted on for that month.
  • Votes will be in the form of a single pick (i.e. Each judge gets one vote).
  • Judges can post their endorsements in the Judges forum as soon as nominations are closed.
  • As soon as each judge has endorsed one nominee, voting may begin.
  • Voting will end at least 2 days before the award is to decided. Any unused votes will be discarded and the process will continue.
  • Judges votes will remain confidential (Judges will know what other judges voted, but the public will not).
  • If there is a tie then the Judges should re-vote for a site out of the tied sites.
  • In case of a tie, Reinsnitz and/or Gor will decide the winner(s).
  • In the event that either Reinsnitz or Gor is a Judge, the other will be the only elegible "Tie Breaker".
  • Judges decision is final.
  • No site may win the award two consecutive times.
  • The winner will be announced by Reinsnitz and/or Gor.
  • The winner will receive a graphic which can be placed on their site and a link from Snitz Forums 2000 to their site will be made. Wherever they place that graphic on the page it should link back to the Snitz Forums Award pages.
  • Nominations for the next award will begin at the close of the previouse nomination process (middle of the month).

  • Know of a site that should be considered?
    If you would like to suggest a site to the judging pannel, you can make sure that the site is listed in the "Show-Off Your Forums" Forum!

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