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July 13, 2024

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    Snitz Forums 2000 is a "UBB" style message board writen in ASP and VBScript. These forums are completely database driven and fully customizable. Testimonials are statements from real users giving their thoughts on Snitz Forums 2000!

    Snitz Forums 2000 Testimonials
     It's FREE!!!

    Posted by Korupt, October 13, 2000
    Back on my old website, I was running an old perl based weboard which was doing pretty good. People were posting all of the time and all was good. Well, it eventually came time for me to move the site to another server because I was sharing with someone else and space was low. I moved to an NT Server with database capabilities and found out the hard way that perl does not like NT. The weboard was pretty much dead. In my search for a replacement, I found the Snitz Forums and I've been in heaven ever since. The forum is easy to maintain, UBB users feel right at home using it, it's extremely easy to set up and upgrade, it has a TON of features and ways to customize it, and did I mention it's FREE???? Ever since finding this software, I've set up 3 forums and I can't stop talking about how good this software is. Oh, did I mention it's FREE???

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     Best message board out there!

    Written by Michael from Atlanta, GA (Thursday, August 31, 2000)
    This is very easy to set up and get running on your server. It's very easy to customize, and has too many features to mention here. They could easily charge for this product, and many would pay it...but it's FREE and open source! At their web site, you can even find enchancement written by other developers! Easy administration and user menus, very intuitive... Also works with SQL server...wasn't that hard to upsize, just run the upsizing wizard and change your connection string and you're set!

     The Snitz Forum is awesome

    Written by Anonymous User from New Orleans, La (Wednesday, August 16, 2000)
    Chocked full of features and highly customizable for the non-ASP writing folks. I can't believe this program is free. Compared to UBB it better and easier to use and deploy.

     Up and running in a couple of hours

    Written by Andrew from Glasgow, UK�(Tuesday, June 13, 2000)
    What can I say, but "Excellent". I've been working on getting another forum up and running to my satisfaction for a couple of weeks no, and I've done this in a little over 2 hours. And it has more features, including a comprehensive admin section (praise the lord!)

     Search No Further....Best being built....

    Written by Acechase from NC, USA�(Sunday, June 4, 2000)
    I have searched, prodded, probed, and scoured the net for a forum program like this. Other CGI and ASP forums don't compare with the potential and functionality in this FREE forum. The users and developers are a top notch group that have fun bringing exciting development and participation into the design realm. Ease of use and support are only a couple of the many benefits of this program. A must have and must tell your friends about.

    Read Ratings From ASPCODE.NET

    Written by Christian Schr�der

    (8/28/2000 9:12:16 AM)
    That's the best BB ever ! I set it up in 5 minutes ! And it's much easier to configurate than the UBB Board.

     The Best Ever

    Written by Quick Profit
    (8/11/2000 4:06:47 AM)
    This is the forum to get, looks like Ultimate BB but better. Great look and custom options, graphics, everything. Easy to install. Look no further, this is it

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    No guarentees that your review will be posted here, but we love to hear from our users to see just how good or bad we are performing! It helps us to work on our weak areas. Send your review via email to

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