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May 24, 2024

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    Make Money
     Am I allowed to make money using Snitz Forums 2000 ?
    Even though you can't sell the actual code and make money that way, there are ways to make money. This page lists some suggestions.
     A List of Ideas
    • Put banner-ads on your site. Here are some places where you can signup:
      Pay per Click / Pay per Lead / Pay per Sale based.
      Pays $ 0.03 per click

      Join Commission Junction
      Comission Junction
      Pay per Lead / Pay per Sale based.

      468x60 Don't Think Twice 2
      Pay per Sale based.

      Webmasters Earn Cash from your site
      Pay per Lead based

    • Enter a affiliation program, i.e. sell books that are related to the subject of the forum at your website.

      Barnes & Noble

      In Association with

    • Sell merchandise, t-shirts / mousepads / mugs with your sites logo.
      Setting it up is easy, see: (No fixed costs)

    • Sell server space / bandwidth / database usage
      MS SQL Server is quite expensive and if you own a copy of it you can easily charge a monthly fee of at least $10 if not more... depending of course on the type of hosting options you offer.

    • Sell your time in maintenance, support and in your finding the forums in the first place

    • Provide instant forumspace. One of our developers modified the code, and has made the forum so you can sign up for a forum (which is auto created by scripts) and allocates DB space on his servers. End result, instant forum for any users... he sells his server space, and the scripts for setting up accounts is not technically part of the forum... so he can charge for the setup and development time of that web application.

    Want to Send in Your Ideas?

    If you have ideas for making money with Snitz Forums 2000, email the webmaster, and we'll see about posting your ideas too!

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