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July 13, 2024

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     Where can you get help?

    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
    The first place to look is the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page for answers.

    Community/Support Forums
    If you don't find the answers you need from our F.A.Q. pages, check the F.A.Q. area in the community forums.
    Please check if your question hasn't already been asked, before posting a support request !

    Please search before posting!

    Download and Product Specifications
    Looking for the latest official release version of Snitz Forums 2000? The Download and Product Specifications page makes available the currently supported version of Snitz!

    Other support sites
    There are a couple of other sites offering support for Snitz Forums 2000. Snitz Forums 2000 is not associated with any of the sites listed there, so we can not make any assurances of content or validity of any of the external links. We have found them useful, and provide them as is for you.

     Please provide the following information...

    In order for us to best help you, please provide the following information when making a support request in the forums:

    • Address and Version of the Snitz Forum in question
    • Internet Service Provider/Web Host (if applicable)
    • Web Server software title and version
    • Operating System of the server
    • Database type being used and Database Version

    When making a request, make sure that you clearly describe the problem and the steps you take to make it happen. If you have made any modifications to the source code, detail the exact changes you made to which files.

    Make sure the title of you post explains the problem, do not use the word HELP in the title if you are posting in the help-forums. The fact that you post there says enough.

    Please do not send support requests by e-mail. Due to the huge increase in support requests we can't answer those anymore. But you'll notice that your question, if posted in the support forums, will be answered prompt.

    Home  -  Community  -  Support  -  Hall of Fame
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