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July 13, 2024

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    Hall Of Fame
     2004 Excellence Award Winner of the Year!

    Christian Church Today
    Author: Jeff Hester (ROB)

    Judge's Comments:
    Congratulations to Christian Church Today, the winner of the 2004 Snitz Excellence Award of the Year!

    Past Snitz Excellence Award Winners! (Current Year)
     Site/Author Month/Year Comments
    Powerenergy Forum
    Stefano Fenoglio (stefen)
    August 2004 This month's winning forum is presented in a highly clean and professional style. The simple color scheme gives visitors a comfortable browsing experience. The custom animated icon set fits very well and makes this forum, along with many small tweaks and a few useful MODs, an unique implementation. Congratulations to Powerenergy Forums on a job well done!
    aspwiz (aspwiz)
    July 2004 This month's winner presents a forum with a very clean and professional design while successfully integrating it into the existing site. There are numerous useful additions such as RSS Feeds for example and the content appeals to all webmasters and web developers. Congratulations on a job well done!
    Tim O Flannagan (albinomagpie)
    June 2004 This month's winner's simple design and the choice of colors show that sometimes less is more. A few layout changes, and the integration into the existing website, create an unique look and draws away from the standard out of the box Snitz install. Congratulations to this month's winner on a job well done. Discussion Forums
    Alister Cameron (AliCam)
    May 2004 This month's winner has successfully created one of the most impressive implementations of the Snitz Forums software. It's excellent design and colors, the seamless integration into the existing website and a few useful MODs added to the forum provide a very clean and professional feel. Congratulations to Discussion Forums on a job well done!
    Christian Church Today
    Jeff Hester (ROB)
    April 2004 This month's winner seems to have spent countless hours customizing to create this very unique forum. It is highly integrated into the existing website design and shows numerous modifications to all forum pages making this forum an outstanding implementation. Congratulations on a job well done!
    Toshi Aitate
    Ranko Mariniæ (Ranko)
    March 2004 This month's winner implements a unique layout to it's forum and presents it nicely integrated into the rest of the site. Customized graphics and numerous tweaks draw away from the standard Snitz installation. Congratulations to this month's winner on a job well done.
    BirthCare Forums
    blizkrieg bop (blizkrieg bop)
    February 2004 This month's winner brings integration to a highly professional level. The forum design is extremely clean and provides a visually appealing feel throughout the entire site. Aside from the great design of the site, this forum proves that you don't need "mods overkill" in order to become a hall of fame winner. Congratulations to BirthCare Forums on a job well done.
    Marcel Göertz (marcelgoertz)
    January 2004 This month's winner has done a fantastic job at integrating the forum within the design of the entire web site. Integrated web logs using existing core Snitz data structure and a neatly accessible sidebar menu makes this forum stand out from the standard Snitz Installation. Comforting colors add to the ease of navigating and enjoyment of time spent visiting. Lastly, it is obvious that many hours went into even the smallest of detailed modifications. Congratulations to this month's winner on a job well done!

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    Know of a site that should be considered?

    Check out the Awards Program page for more information on what the rules are, how you can nominate sites and how these people actualy won!

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