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July 13, 2024

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     Hall of Fame
     Winners from 2001
    Past Snitz Excellence Award Winners! (2001)
     Site/Author Month/Year Comments
    Bead&Button Community Forums
    David Voss (work mule)
    December 2001 It's simple modifications and nice subtle colors really made this forum stand out among the rest and made it very pleasing to the eye. The authors went all out to integrate their forum seamlessly into their site. If you take a look at their website, you will see the forum is an extension of their site and doesn't stand out. When you visit some forums out there, you don't have a clue what is being discussed on the forum, but not this forum. Even if you don't know anything about 'Beads and Buttons', you just can't help but to browse their well designed forum and see what others are saying. They have done a great job in the implementation of the forum. Absolutely outstanding work!
    Velvet Pantheon Forums
    Marty Graves and Melisa Graves
    October 2001 The customization of the forums is oustanding. The custom icons and buttons compliment the overall design.
    The graphics and colors are also outstanding. It is quite attractive. The only downfall is the lack of activity,
    but after today that hopefully changes. Congratulations with winning the award !
    Dave Rosen, Bob Crandall and Vince D'Onofrio
    September 2001 is the site of a company dedicated to providing valuable tools and services to the software development world.
    One of the ways they do that is by releasing a free UML design tool and hosting an active forum on their site.
    The judges like the tight integration of site and forum. Not only by changing the graphics, colours and navigational system, but the site also uses the users-database of the forums to provide access to their downloadpage.
    The Women to Women Peer Support Forum
    Jan (Martha2Mary)
    August 2001 A really attractive forum with some nice mods. The forum offers peer support for women (and men) following an unplanned pregnancy.
    Not your everyday light topic, but it proves that forums like Snitz aren't only used to talk techno. The author has used a great choice of colors that perfectly makes you feel welcomed. The forum has been customized to be a members only forum, allowing the members to have a sense of privacy as they interact with other members. A chatarea has also been added to the forum to allow real time conversation with other members of the forum. All this combined makes it a Snitz Forums Excellence Award Winner.
    Congratulations !
    One final request: before you register there, please read the policy page to see if you are elegible for membership.
    Kathy Bowling and David Voss (work mule)
    July 2001 The judges panel has awarded the Snitz Excellence Award for the month of July 2001 to the forums at
    The Writer has incorporated many Modifications into its forums. The re-built inc_top.asp coupled with a beutiful custom icon set and many other subtle changes make it integrate very smoothly into the rest of the website. If you don't know what your looking for, you don't know where The Writer ends and the forum begins! Great server performance and a solid user base.
    Congratulations !
    Scott LeMieux (slemieux)
    June 2001 The Percussionist is an active forum with lots of posts and members. Though many of you probably don't know Scott, he is a Snitz Forums 2000 veteran (from before version 3). He helped with a lot of the features that are in the basecode today. To name two: the "extended editor" and the "extended member profile". We no longer really know them as "extended", but they were back then! His forum is a mixture of old(er) codeparts with some of the newest mods integrated in them. Add to that the fact that his site offers a lot more than "just" a forum and you have a true winner.
    Congratulations !
    Randy (Intrepidone)
    May 2001 Even though the forum was still starting up at the time of the Award, it looks very promising and makes great use of the available mods. The excellent use of colors and graphics makes the site a very nice example of how a Snitz Forums 2000 site can look like. 
    A final positive note on the site from the judges is that they don't forget the users with 800x600 pixel resolution.
    (no longer using Snitz Forums 2000)
    Alan Le (Aznknight)
    and Tuan Dao
    April 2001 After reviewing all nominations for April 2001, the judges panel has awarded Alan Le and Tuan Dao with the prestigious first Snitz Excellence Award for the superb integration, wonderful graphics and seamless utilization of Snitz Forums 2000 throughout their whole website.

    Know of a site that should be considered?

    Check out the Awards Program page for more information on what the rules are, how you can nominate sites and how these people actualy won!

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